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Jennifer Sayahnejad
Grade 7 English Teacher
Middle School
Mark Scheltgen
Campus Technology Director
Information Technology
(316) 640-2046
Hayley Schwindaman '12
Traditional Kindergarten Teacher
Early Childhood
Joni Sheets
Grade 4 Teacher
Lower School
Renee Shofner
Grade 1 Teacher
Lower School
(316) 634-0489,516
Jena Simms
Lower School Science Teacher
Lower School
(316) 634-0489,464
Meghan Smith
Grade 6 Global Studies Teacher
Middle School
(316) 634-0489,460
Megan St. Clair
Intoduction to Printmaking, Advanced Printmaking, Fiber Arts, Sculpture, and Video Art Teacher
Upper School
(316) 634-0489,507
Jack Stewart '13
Algebra I and Geometry Teacher
Upper School
(316) 634-0489,572
Georgia Sutton
US Spanish Teacher
Upper School
Barbara Taylor
Grades 7/8 Spanish Teacher
Middle School
Sarah Tjaden
LS Administrative Assistant
Lower School Support
(316) 771-2251
Jorge Trinchet
US Spanish Teacher
Upper School
(316) 634-0489,556
David Trombold '71
Chemistry and Environmental Science Teacher
Upper School
(316) 634-0489,568
Hanale Vincent
Head of Middle School
Leadership Team
(316) 771-2214
Anna Voth
US Math Teacher
Upper School
Joel Walker
Grade 5 Science Teacher
Middle School
(316) 634-0489,447
Lalo Walsh
Assistant Director of Development
Advancement Team
(316) 771-2392
Nathan Washer
Head of School
Leadership Team
(316) 771-2220
Matt Webber
Vocal Music and Music Theory
Upper School
(316) 771-2232