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Troy Fischer
Instrumental Music Director
(316) 634-0489,401
Silvana Fiszel
Grades 5/6 Spanish Teacher
Middle School
Shannon Flack '99
MS Learning Specialist
Middle School Support
(316) 771-2277
Rolesta Forrest
US Administrative Assistant
(316) 771-2237
Kristin Freed
Traditional 4/5 Preschool Teacher
Early Childhood
(316) 634-0489,515
Kelsey Fulghum
Grade 1 Teacher
Lower School
Mike Gehrer
Director of Facilities
Leadership Team
(316) 990-0520
Joe Gehrer '02
MS STEAM Coordinator
Middle School
(316) 771-2374
Danielle Gerstner '09
US Biology Teacher
Upper School
Sumita Ghosh
Montesorri Kindergarten Teacher
Early Childhood
(316) 634-0489,520
Stacy Gould
Grade 6 Math Teacher
Middle School
Terre Graham
Traditional 3/4 Preschool Teacher
Early Childhood
(316) 634-0489,531
Sarah Gruetter
US Learning Specialist
Upper School
(316) 634-0489, 575
Alma Gutierrez
Business Manager
Administrative Support
(316) 771-2211
Sam Hake
Assistant Director of Instrumental Music, Drum Line Coordinator
(316) 634-0489,576
Jackie Hall
Learning Lab
Upper School Support
(316) 771-2290
Kara Hanna
Kindergarten Teacher
Early Childhood
(316) 634-0489,535
Maricar Harris
Science Department Chair, Chemistry, AP Chemistry, and Advanced Chemical Research Teacher
Upper School
(316) 634-0489,412
Cricket Hawley
Official Dog of College Counseling, Director of Cuddles, Assistant to the College Counseling Office
Dave Hawley
Grade 7 History Teacher
Middle School
(316) 634-0489,409