Katherine Collage

Hi! I’m Katherine Grace, and I’m a senior this year at Wichita Collegiate School. I’ve
attended WCS since Great Beginnings and am excited to graduate as a “lifer” in May. The
Collegiate community has taught me a surplus of skills that I plan to take with me to the next
level. From leadership to academic excellence, WCS has been the leading contributor in shaping me into the person I am today.

The Collegiate family embodies true empathy, ambition, and support. My teachers,
administrators, and coaches have perfectly modeled servant leadership through their positivity, optimism, and genuine desire to help students. As I’ve grown up in the Collegiate community, I’ve been surrounded by students who push me to be my best and compete at the highest level academically, athletically, and in my extra-curriculars. All of this to say, my time at Collegiate has helped me instill my fundamental values: benevolence, altruism, and determination. These learned qualities are the ones I hope to pursue as I move on to the next levels.

While I cannot walk you through campus on a brightly colored rope like our favorite
Early Childhood teachers, I’m very excited to show the Collegiate community what a day in the
life of an Upper schooler looks like this Friday!