Scholastic Photo Collage

Earlier this week Mark Arts announced the regional award winners of the 2023 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Presented by the nonprofit organization the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, the 100th Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are the country's longest-running and most prestigious scholarship and recognition program for creative students in grades 7–12. This year, more than 1,600 artworks were submitted by teens across Eastern Kansas and 428 creative teens from Eastern Kansas received regional honors, including Gold Keys, Silver Keys, Honorable Mentions, and American Visions & Voices nominations, from local Scholastic Awards Affiliate Mark Arts. Award recipients’ work was recognized by a panel of creative professionals as the most outstanding work submitted among your peers.

Of 428 regional honors awarded, Wichita Collegiate students claimed 37 individual recognitions. These honors included 17 Honorable Mentions, 9 Silver Keys, 6 Gold Keys and an American Vision Award.This is an impressive 8.5% of all awards given and included one American Visionary Award, of which only five are given out. 

The Scholastic Arts Exhibition will run at MarkArts from February 10th through March 25th. The galleries will be open to the public from 10 am to 5pm, Tuesday through Saturday and admission is free. They will also host an opening reception on February 10th, from 5 to 7 pm, with the actual Scholastic Scholarship and Awards Ceremony taking place on March 25th at a time yet to be determined. 


Langston Ahmad  8 Drawing & Illustration  SILVER KEY

Alisa Lin 7 Mixed Media SILVER KEY

Max Timsah Drawing & Illustration HONORABLE MENTION

Max Timsah Drawing & illustration GOLD KEY


Isabella Alvaez 10 Painting HONORABLE MENTION

Hyemin Choe 12  Digital Art GOLD KEY

Sara Jane Crosby 11 Digital Art HONORABLE MENTION

Judah Cyrus 10 Photography SILVER KEY

Dakota Dart 12 Film & Animation HONORABLE MENTION

Isabella Flores 11 Mixed Media GOLD KEY

Isabella Flores 11 Sculpture HONORABLE MENTION

Addison Goree 12 Photography GOLD KEY & AMERICAN VISION AWARD

Beth Henshall 10 Photography GOLD KEY

Dahlia Issa 10 Photography HONORABLE MENTION

Dahlia Issa 10 Drawing & Illustration HONORABLE MENTION

Dahlia Issa 10 Mixed Media GOLD KEY

Amelia King 11 Mixed Media HONORABLE MENTION

Amelia King 11 Mixed edia HONORABLE MENTION

Yimei Lin 12 Mixed Media SILVER KEY

Yimei Lin 12 Sculpture SILVER KEY

Nathan Lynch 10 Photography HONORABLE MENTION

Wambui Ngunjiri 11 Photography HONORABLE MENTION

Wambui Ngunjiri 11 Mixed Media SILVER KEY

Wambui Ngunjiri 11 Digital Art SILVER KEY

Ella Pearson 9 Digital Art HONORABLE MENTION

Maya Rai 12 Photography HONORABLE MENTION

Natalie Reece 12 Mixed Media HONORABLE MENTION

Sadhakshi Sivaraman 9 Mixed Media SILVER KEY

James Shackelford 11 Photography HONORABLE MENTION

Trudy Smith 12 Photography HONORABLE MENTION

Chloe Turpin 11 Photography HONORABLE MENTION

Ragan Turpin 11 Photography SILVER KEY

Margaret Ulrich 10 Photography HONORABLE MENTION

Margaret Ulrich 10 Photography SILVER KEY

Iya Wakil 11 Mixed Media SILVER KEY

Ward Weimar 10 Photography HONORABLE MENTION

Ward Weimar 10 Photography SILVER KEY