All-State Musicians

The state's top band and orchestra students (All-District Performers) gathered in Salina this past Saturday to audition for the Kansas Music Educators Association (KMEA) All-State Band, Jazz Band, and Orchestra. Through an intense, live, audition process, TEN Wichita Collegiate students were recognized at the All-State Musician level!

* Senior Mark Feng (2nd Chair Flute - All-State Orchestra)
* Junior Brandon Zhang (1st Chair Timpani - All-State 1234A Band)
* Senior Ryder Walsh (2nd Chair Percussion - All-State 1234A Band)
* Junior Aden Fayziev (6th Chair Trumpet - All-State 1234A Band)
* Sophomore Mona Bagai (8th Chair Trumpet - All-State 1234A Band)
* Junior Hyemin Choe (9th Chair Flute - All-State 1234A Band)
* Senior Allie Kavalauskas (17th Chair Clarinet - All-State 1234A Band)
* Senior Faizal Valiandi (1st Alternate Euphonium - All-State 1234A Band)
* Junior Joyita Dev (2nd Alternate Bass Clarinet - All-State 1234A Band)
* Sophomore Paul Mines (2nd Alternate Percussion - All-State 1234A Band)
This is the most students ever selected from Wichita Collegiate School. An incredible achievement and well-deserved recognition - Bravo! These students will perform in the All-State Concerts on February 26 at Century II Performing Arts Center. Congratulations, Spartans!