Wichita Collegiate School is pleased to announce that eight students in the Class of 2022 have earned National Merit Recognition, representing 13% of our senior class. Overall, our seniors scored higher than 85 percent of all students in the United States on the PSAT.

National Merit Recognition is an honor that is received based on a student’s performance on the PSAT in the preceding year. As Head of Upper School Gaby White shared, “At Collegiate we understand how hard each of our students and faculty members work every day and how committed they are to being their best. And while one test cannot accurately tell the story, a class average in the 85th percentile is something to be very proud of.”

In total, four seniors from Collegiate were honored as National Merit Commended students, meaning their scores on the PSAT were in the top 2.3%  of all students that took the exam. The students earning National Merit Commended Recognition are Ella Graham, Malak Hamada, Daniel Hechenberger, and Andrew Highbarger.

In addition, four students scored in the top 1 percent of all students to earn National Merit Semifinalist recognition. Those students are Nick Grabon, Christopher Henry, Charlie Nolan, and Ryder Walsh.

Semifinalists who meet academic and additional requirements will be notified in February 2022 if they advance to the Finalist stage of the National Merit Scholarship Program. All students who earn Merit Scholars are notified beginning in March of 2022. 

"Not only have our SemiFinalists and Commended students worked hard to achieve this academic status, but each and every one of them are outstanding members of our community who lead by example and treat others with dignity and respect," Gaby White, Head of Upper School, said. 

In October of 2020, more than 1.5 million students throughout the United States became eligible for the National Merit Scholarship Competition by taking the PSAT or National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. Congratulations, Spartans, on achieving this academic distinction!

Pictured above (left to right): Malak Hamada, Daniel Hechenberger, Ryder Walsh, Charlie Nolan, Nick Grabon, Christopher Henry, Andrew Highbarger. Not pictured: Ella Graham.