Collegiate Engages, Encourages and Empowers

Wichita Collegiate strives to engage, encourage and empower each student. Engaging young people with hands-on learning and unique experiences equips them with valuable understanding. Collegiate graduates enter adulthood with the skills and abilities they need to thrive.  Collaborative learning environments encourage WCS students to find opportunities and develop solutions.  Empowered to chart their own course, they take responsibility for the focus of their educational experience.

Engaging Environment, Encouraging Community

Collegiate’s non-traditional curriculum and collaborative environment encourages teachers and students to actively support each other. Real world experiences and active alumni provide unique opportunities for WCS students. Finding new ways to solve problems and develop solutions, Collegiate’s engaging curriculum ignites educational discovery. 

A Wichita Collegiate education is the foundation of success for many of our country’s most successful entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, doctors, industry executives and business leaders of every kind. Being engaged and encouraged from an early age opens up opportunities. It sets students on a path of exploration. The encouraging Collegiate community fosters a love of learning and drives student engagement. 

Wichita Collegiate’s Empowering Opportunities

WCS students are prepared to pursue their dreams and actively contribute to their communities. Preparing young people to meet the challenges of the future has never been more important. Collegiate’s empowering environment encourages students to realize their passions and their potential. Collegiate students are asked to dream big and work hard.  Engaged, encouraged and empowered students have the potential to positively impact our community and our country.  

Together with parents, alumni and the Wichita community, Collegiate unlocks the extraordinary in every child. As we embark on another school year, each of us has the ability to engage, encourage and empower the students in our community. Setting these intentions and finding opportunities to put them into practice, makes all the difference in students’ success.