Connection Magazine

The Connection magazine is produced twice each school year to share school news and highlights. It includes articles about unique programs, curricular innovations, and special accomplishments by our students, teachers, and alumni.

Past Issues

Spartan Voice

Created by our Upper School students, the Spartan Voice recaps current events both locally and nationally, shares interviews with current students and alumni, and provides our students a voice to share about life as a Spartan.

Past Issues

Spartan Torch

Part of our Middle School Newspaper class, the Spartan Torch is written by 7th and 8th grade students as they explore journalism through reporting on current news, writing opinion pieces, and providing reviews of recent movies and books.

Past Issues

Hemispheres: An Art and Literary Magazine

Hemispheres is the school's art and literary magazine. It highlights our students' creative writing abilities while also bringing attention to many of our incredible artists' work!

Hemispheres 2023

Hemispheres 2021

Hemispheres 2020