The WCS Leadership Academy invests in students by providing leadership training to become the best version of themselves and to lead lives of impact.

We provide training from community leaders who are experts in their fields and good role models for our students. Shadowships for senior students provide mentorships to explore their interests, and gain real-word experience.

We believe graduating Spartans should have an understanding of who they are, and how their service may transform our communities and our world. As we build students with an aim to lead and make a difference, we believe we are positively affecting the culture for now and in the future.



The WCS Leadership Academy is a part of the Institute for Community Impact. Through the Wichita Collegiate Leadership Academy, students engage with leaders in the community's nonprofit, civic and business sectors. Industry leaders share essential leadership traits, career details, and practical ways for students to grow in and apply their own leadership skills. We are thankful for our speakers who are eager to develop student passions to create meaningful change in Wichita and beyond. 

Students attend Sunday Sessions and Open Lunch Sessions. Each Sunday Session is 1.5 hours long and may have multiple components including a speaker, an interactive moment for strategic team building, and other resources related to the topic. Open lunch sessions are shorter opportunities to learn from local leaders.

Book studies on various topics of leadership are another way for students to earn credit towards their leadership development.

Students successfully completing all program requirements during junior and seniors years will graduate from Wichita Collegiate School with Distinction.


JoyAnn Brake
Director of the Leadership Academy

Amy Cunningham
Shadowship and Program Coordinator

David LeVan
Shadowship and Program Coordinator

Hans Widener
Shadowship and Program Coordinator

Julianne London
Student Resource Manager


During 2023-2024, Juniors in Leadership Academy will:

  • Participate in 20 hours of general leadership education

  • Complete reflection and follow-up questions, to ensure application and understanding after each session

  • Explore general Leadership principles and practices

  • Deliver a final presentation that summarizes their understanding and personal leadership growth


During 2023-2024, Seniors in Leadership Academy will:

  • Participate in 30 hours of general leadership education.

  • Complete reflection and follow-up questions, to ensure application and understanding after each session

  • Identify areas of career interest and partner with local mentors for shadowships (job-shadowing internships).

  • Deliver a final presentation that summarizes their shadowship experience and personal leadership growth.



September 17, 2023- Leading a City at the Intersection of Business, Nonprofits and Civics
Mayor Brandon Whipple will share his experience of leading our city of Wichita, and share the leadership traits that have helped him be effective.

SUNDAY SESSIONS 1:30 to 3pm at WCS Upper School

Sunday, September 17: Opening session with Mayor Whipple: Leading a City

Sunday, October 15: Ethical Dilemma with Dana Hensley and Bunny Hill at City Courthouse (includes Alum Attorneys Matt Maloney and Kaylea Knappenberger; Judge Tyler Roush)

Sunday, October 29:  Making Your Pitch/ Telling Your Story - Audrey Hane , professor of Communication at Newman University

Sunday, December 3: Facilitating Positive Change within an Organization - Nathan Washer, Head of Wichita Collegiate School

Sunday, January 7:   Dollars and Sense–Financial Decision Making: Mark Suchinski, Senior VP and CFO of Spirit Aerosystems

Sunday, January 28:   Who are You? Maximizing Your Strengths and Recognizing Strengths in Others - Amanda Booth and Sasha Kuchinski, WCS College Counseling

Sunday, February 18: Building Your Business/ Building Your Brand - Marquis Bradley, founder of Omnicut Motivational Fitness

Sunday, March 24: Empowering Change: Addressing Domestic Violence in Wichita - Amanda Meyers, Executive Director of Wichita Family Crisis Center

Sunday, April 7: Closing Session with Grant Mitchell, Founder and CEO of Every Cure

OPEN LUNCH SESSIONS 12:45 to 1:30pm

Friday, September 15: Welcome to the Program

Thursday, October 5: Time Management and Habits - Jillian King

Wednesday, October 18: What is Disruptive Tech and how will it affect our future? - Navin Maharaj

Tuesday, November 7: The Value of Mentorship; Tips to Interview well - Roy Moye

Wednesday, November 28: Eight Dimensions of Leadership - Brooke Carpenter

Friday, January 19: Balance and Leadership as a College Student - Rob Ramseyer

Wednesday, January 31: WCS Alum and Founder of Mentor Day - Paul Attwater

Tuesday, February 6: Why is Real Estate an Exciting Field? What's the Difference between Commercial and Residential Real Estate? - Jake Ramstack

Thursday, February 22: Starting a Nonprofit to make a Real Difference in the Lives of Cancer Patients - Laura Monahan

Tuesday, March 5: Former Head of School Tom Davis

Tuesday, March 26: The journey of an Entrepreneur and Leader in our Community - Basil Hourani

Interested students can contact JoyAnn Brake at jbrake@wcsks.com