This page is the centralized hub for all things related to WCS operating during the pandemic. Please check back often for the most up to date information on our plans. We may adjust these plans to adapt to applicable government mandates as necessary.

Collegiate is assessing information, acting decisively, and developing guidelines and procedures to serve our community. We are following the guidance of the CDC, KSDE, Sedgwick County Health Department, and our Medical Advisory Council to adapt to the latest changes in science surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Nathan Washer  

   Head of School


The following numbers are based on reports confirmed by our WCS leadership and School Nurse. 


Last Updated Monday, November 29, 2021.


We will communicate with families on an as-needed basis regarding the transmission of COVID cases in WCS community members. Families are to notify School Nurse Regan Carlstrom if they have been exposed to a COVID-positive case, are being tested, or have been asked to quarantine and/or seek testing. Nurse Regan will conduct contact tracing with the Sedgwick County Health Department and KDHE within 24 hours of the school knowing about a potential case. 

We update our Case Reports counter on the web every Friday. If you are unsure about whether or not you have had a potential exposure, please contact Regan Carlstrom.

Due to HIPAA concerns, we will not release identifying information about every COVID-related illness to the WCS community. If you have been in contact with anyone on campus who has tested positive or is presumed positive, you will be contacted through the contact tracing process. 

Last updated 8/20/2021.

COVID Protocol