This page is the centralized hub for all things related to WCS operating during the pandemic. Please check back often for the most up to date information on our plans. We may adjust these plans to adapt to applicable government mandates as necessary.

Collegiate is assessing information, acting decisively, and developing guidelines and procedures to serve our community. We are following the guidance of the CDC, KSDE, Sedgwick County Health Department, and our Medical Advisory Council to adapt to the latest changes in science surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Nathan Washer  

   Head of School


Due to the trends we are seeing within our community and the greater Wichita community at large, we will be moving to a policy of masks optional for all students and employees on Monday, February 14th. Please know that if you wish for your child to continue to wear a mask, we will support that and can work with you on communicating that to your child. Any employee is also welcome to continue to wear a mask if they so wish.

Please understand that under the masks optional policy we will not be contact tracing as everyone will be considered a high exposure contact.  We will inform you of a positive case within your students' classroom. We then trust you to monitor your students for symptoms. If your student were to be symptomatic and/or ill, we will rely on you to keep them home and get tested. We will continue to follow CDC guidance with positive cases and exposures.  If your child tests positive or has a close exposure, please reach out to Nurse Regan for guidance.  

Student/staff member tests positive: 

Isolate for 5 days and may return to school on day 6 wearing a mask through day 10.   If unable to wear a mask, students/staff members will need to isolate themselves at home through day 10.

If Student/staff members have a close contact with a positive case:

We ask that they wear a mask for 10 days from last exposure to the positive person.  Recommended to be tested on day 5 from last exposure or sooner if symptoms develop.  **Home exposures have special guidance, please speak with Nurse Regan.  

 We will still offer testing to any student or employee experiencing symptoms or who has had an exposure. You can schedule a test by contacting Nurse Regan at rcarlstrom@wcsks.com.

Last updated 2/7/2022.