Wichita Collegiate’s College Counseling department provides an individual and comprehensive approach to maximize each student’s opportunities in the college search, application, and acceptance processes. Collegiate students have access to SCOIR, a college planning, and application management software system. Students may use their account to research colleges, access aptitude assessments, and manage their college application process.

Our team designs specific grade-level programming to educate Collegiate students and parents about the various components of college applications. We are intentional about a partnership that allows your student to find the best college “fit." Our department is dedicated to staying current on the latest trends and best practices in higher education to best advise and support our students.

Amanda Booth  

   Director of College Counseling

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Counselor to Student Ratio: No other school in Wichita benefits from the small college counselor to student ratio experienced by Collegiate students. Two full-time College Counselors attend to the needs of a class of 60-80 seniors, affecting a ratio of approximately 1-30-40 during the application season. The National average is 250-500.

Coast-to-Coast Networking: WCS counselors attend special college tours and visit dozens of college campuses annually, meeting with admission officials and establishing valuable contacts. Our networking and reputation coast-to-coast results in annual visits from 40-50 top colleges and universities, who come to Wichita Collegiate School yearly to meet with our students and parents.

Professional Development: Our administration dedicates funds for our professional development and memberships to professional organizations which allow us to stay current on college counseling issues and network with college admission officials throughout the year. This rapport with colleges and universities is a key factor in the success of the Wichita Collegiate College Counseling Department.




Quality Education: Engagement is central to a Wichita Collegiate education. Wichita Collegiate students are valued for their individuality, their integrity, and their enthusiasm for learning. The College Counseling department works continually to make sure universities recognize our students’ academic and extracurricular strengths and the overall strength of our college preparatory philosophy.

Quality Students: In addition to having rigorous academics, Wichita Collegiate student’s applications are enriched by their involvement in community service, athletics, student government, the arts, and other extracurricular activities. As a small school, we invite initiative and innovation. The administration encourages students to create new programs, clubs, fundraisers, and events.

Quality Counseling: All this leads to quality and in-depth counseling with your student and his or her family. We have time to get to know your student, shepherd them through the process, help them identify their strengths, validate their skills and empower them to conduct their college search, and reduce anxiety and stress for the parents and students.

Our Success: Our counselors have the time to develop an individual college search plan for each student, partnering with the student and parents to seek the best academic, emotional and financial “fit,” for their college choice. The college counseling program defines success by the diversity and range of schools our graduates attend and their success in college and beyond.