Experienced teachers provide enhancement to your children's lives, and convenience to yours, by offering a wide range of excellent extra-curricular experiences on the WCS campus. Read more about all the courses CEA has to offer!

Cheer and Tumbling
Shawna Horsch
Grades PreSchool-4
Thursdays / 3:15-4:00 / MPR

#101F (fall-Aug 26-Nov 18)* $200
#101W (winter-(4 sessions) Dec 9, 16; Jan 6, 13) $70
#101S (spring- Feb 3-May 5) $200

*Class will not meet on Sep 2

Here we go Spartan's, here we go!! Here is the perfect opportunity to help with that "extra energy" your student has. This class will focus on flexibility and core strength while working on tumbling and cheer skills. Tumbling will start with the basics and work up as your student progresses. They will learn basic cheer moves, body positions, and great "workout" games. Come have fun with CHEER and TUMBLING!

Golf: SNAG (Starting New at Golf)
Trent Rommann
Grades PreK-Kindergarten
Tuesdays / 3:20-3:50 / MPR

#113F (fall-Aug 31-Nov 30) $210
#113S (spring-Feb 8, 15, 22; Mar 1, 8, 29; Apr 5, 12, 26; May 3)

Kids will have fun and learn a lot about golf at the same time. SNAG® Golf offers the versatility to learn and play using a superior method to teach golf fundamentals in a fun and easy way. Coach Trent was a 3-Time All State Golf Team selection and the 2001 New Mexico High School State Golf Champion, credentials that earned him selection into Rio Rancho High School Sports Hall of Fame in 2014. Trent played collegiate golf at the University of Texas at El Paso, where he was named “Team MVP” in 2005-2006 and received “All-Conference” accolades during his Junior and Senior year. His certifications include: Class A PGA of America Golf Professional, Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level 2 Certified, and U.S. Kids Golf Certified Coach. Learn more at

 All SNAG students will be escorted by an adult from their academic class and as needed to Kids Club.

Happy Feet Soccer
Meurig Cundy
Ages 3-5
Fridays / 11:25-11:55 / Quad or Dance Studio A (Lair Basement-inclement weather)

#103F (fall-Aug 27-Dec 17) $190
#103W(winter- Jan 7-28) $64
#103S (spring- Feb 4-May 13) $190

Happy Feet Soccer uses nursery rhymes, songs, stories, adventures, and games with a soccer ball to maximize motor skill development and individual skills.  Three-year olds love acting out nursery rhymes and songs; four and five-year olds have a blast with fun adventures and games.  Kids love taming their “Bob the Bobcat” soccer ball.

Great Beginnings students may enroll during the fall session only with approval of the CEA director and the academic teacher based on whether they are sufficiently socially prepared. They may enroll during the winter and spring sessions without restriction. 

NOTE: Early Childhood students enrolled in full-day academic classes are not allowed to leave to attend CEA classes which operate during normal academic hours.

All Happy Feet students will be escorted by an adult from their academic class.

Happy Hoops Basketball
Meurig Cundy
Ages 3-5
Thursdays / 3:25-3:55 / Quad or Dance Studio A (Lair Basement- inclement weather)

#104F (fall- Sep 2-Dec 2) $190
#104W (winter- Dec 16-Jan 27) $80
#104S (spring- Feb 3-May 5) $190

Happy Hoops Basketball is an introductory class teaching basketball fundamentals.  Using fun games, songs, and activities the children learn to bounce, throw, and catch the ball.  Small class sizes and professional coaches.

All Happy Hoops students will be escorted by an adult from their academic class and as needed to Kids Club.

Karate (Okinawan Goju Ryu)
John Leddy
Grade 1-Adult
Tuesdays & Thursdays / 4:15-5:30 / MPR Dojo

#105F (fall- Aug 24-Dec 16) $250
#105S (spring- Jan 4-May 24) $310

Classes are hard work, but enjoyable.  The main focus is self-defense that works.  Secondarily, we teach strength, endurance, coordination, balance, and overall mental and physical discipline.  All students start as a white belt.  Don't worry about what condition you're in when you start; we can get you in the condition that you want to be.

Kickin’ Kids Karate
Susan Klingenberg/John Leddy
Ages 4-7
Wednesdays / 4:15-5:15 / MPR Dojo

#106F (fall- Sep 8-Dec 15) $250
#106S (spring- Feb 2-May 18) $250

This is an age-appropriate workout designed to build cooperation, self-confidence, self-control, and mental focus while having lots of fun and learning the basics of Karate.  Kids are very active during class, stretching, running, playing, and working as a group and on individual skills.  Students will test each semester to earn patches.

Kid’s Fun Night
John Leddy
Grades 1-7
Select Fridays / 6:00-10:00 / Lair Center

#132S KFN 7 (spring -Mar 4, First sibling) $30
#133S KFN 7 (spring -Mar 4, Additional sibling) $15

#134S KFN 8 (spring -Apr 8, First sibling) $30
#135S KFN 8 (spring -Apr 8, Additional sibling) $15

#136S KFN 9 (spring -May 6, First sibling) $30
#137S KFN 9 (spring -May 6, Additional sibling) $15

On select Fridays, your student may come anytime, 6:00-10:00, for a night of fun and games.  Students in Kids Club may join us when it closes.  We will gather in the Lair Center to play games, have pizza and snacks, then have more games and activities.  Bring your 1st-7th grader for an enjoyable time.

Middle School Enhancement Private Piano
Helen Griffin
Grades 5-8  |  Annex 2 (EC Piano Lab)

#201F (fall-Aug 27-Dec 3; Day & Time TBA) $320
#201W (winter-Dec 6-Jan 31; Day & Time TBA) $160
#201S (spring-Feb 1-May 13; Day & Time TBA) $320

Days and times arranged during enhancement classes or study hall (25-minute lesson) with Mrs. Griffin ( Beginning and ending dates follow the CEA calendar. Requires permission of MS enhancement teacher and administration and enrollment through the MS office as well as the CEA.

Monart Drawing Classes
Kate Pepper
Grades K-4
Mondays / 3:30-4:30 / Dance Studio B (Lair Basement)
Students learn the basics of drawing while experimenting with new media including design-quality markers, colored pencils, chalk and oil pastels, watercolor and much more. This guided step-by-step method improves visual perception skills by breaking down the subject matter for children to see and follow along. We hope to see your child in class! *Students will be escorted to Kid’s Club by WCS staff and picked up upon arrival by Monart instructor. A nut/peanut free, low sugar snack is provided each week (crackers, baby carrots, apples etc.) Once snack is distributed the lesson will begin at 3:30. Please email: if your child participates in tutorials.*

#107F (Session 1- Sep 13-Nov 29; 10 weeks) $250
Draw and paint some of the coolest animals on Earth including a giant squid, manatee, trigger fish, dolphin, coral reef scene and make a “sandy hand” sculpture.  Students will enjoy lots of water media including wax pastels, water soluble graphite sticks, acrylic paint, watercolor and collage.  

#107W (Session 2- Dec 6-Feb 28; 8 weeks) $200
If you like crafting and making things with your hands this is the class for you! We will make several fall and winter themed projects that will make great decorations and gifts. Projects include clay animals and ornaments, a glass mosaic, a 3D winter vignette and two watercolor paintings.

#107S (Session 3- Mar 7-May 16; 8 weeks) $200
This class is perfect for anyone that has an active imagination or likes to create their own fantastical beasts. Projects include a dragon, wizard, centaur, unicorn, mer-pets, make a fairy house, design a castle, paint an enchanted forest scene and create your own unique animals when we play a group game called “Creatures.” 

Movin' & Groovin' Music
Jenny Lester
ages 3-5
Monday 11:30-12:15

#210S (spring-Jan 31-May 9) $200

Music is such an important part of our lives. It's no different for preschoolers! Music helps build language, vocabulary, and rhyming skills. Dancing and playing instruments helps their mind and body work together, creates an avenue for freedom of expression, and build confidence. We will have fun learning new songs and moving our bodies!

Mystery Science
Jenny Lester


#211S (spring-grades PreS-PreK AM, 11:30-12:15; Feb 3-May 12) $200

#212S (spring-grades PreK-K PM, 3:25-4:10; Feb 3-May 12) $200

Let's get curious about the world all around us! Kids love asking questions, so let's dive in with an interactive, fun, hands-on approach to science!

Private Guitar/Bass
John Leddy
Grade 1-Adult
Day & Time TBA / MS 13

#108F (fall-Aug 27-Dec 3; Day & Time TBA) $320
#108S (spring-Feb 1-May 13; Day & Time TBA)

½ hr lessons; Day & Time TBA with Mr. Leddy (; 630-0849, ext 449)

Private Piano
Dana Fultz
Grade K-Adult
Day & Time TBA / Annex 1 (EC Music Room)

#109F (fall-Aug 27-Dec 3; Day & Time TBA) $320 FULL
Contact Mrs. Griffin (below) or Mr. Elmore (; 771-2285) for other possible options.

#109W (winter-Dec 6-Jan 31; Day & Time TBA) $160

Contact Mr. Elmore (; 771-2285) for other possible options.

#109S (spring-Feb 1-May 13; Day & Time TBA) $320

½ hr lessons; Day & Time TBA with Mrs. Fultz (

Helen Griffin
Grade preK-Adult
Day & Time TBA / Annex 2 (EC Piano Lab)

Mrs. Griffin's private piano lessons are full. Please text her at 316-650-8789 or email at for information on any available time slots she may have. If she is able to accommodate you, we will send you a link for enrollment.

#110F 30 minute lessons (fall-Aug 27-Dec 3; Day & Time TBA) $320 #111F 45 minute lessons (fall-Aug 27-Dec 3; Day & Time TBA) $480
#110W 30 minute lessons (winter-Dec 6-Jan 31; Day & Time TBA) $160 #111W 45 minute lessons (winter-Dec 6-Jan 31; Day & Time TBA) $240
#110S 30 minute lessons (spring-Feb 1-May 13; Day & Time TBA) $320 #111S 45 minute lessons (spring-Feb 1-May 13; Day & Time TBA) $480

Day & Time TBA with Mrs. Griffin (  New or inactive families need to inquire about availability prior to enrolling.  45 minute lessons primarily reserved for partner lessons; permission required for private 45 minute lessons. 

Rock Band
John Leddy
Grades 3-12
Fridays / 4:15-5:15 / MPR Dojo

#112F (fall-Sep 3-Dec 17) $250
#112S (spring-Jan 7-May 20) $250

Students with some experience preferred, but motivated beginners are also welcome. Students will work on playing for performance. Curriculum will focus on classic rock and any song the students want to perform that is within their ability.  Sign up today and just come on Friday.  Concert will be in May.  Come and join the cool Rock Band!

Smart Art
Jenny Lester
grades PreS-PreK AM
Wednesdays 11:30-12:15

#212S (spring-Feb 2-May 4) $200

"Every child is an artist." Picasso A touch of art history while getting nice and messy exploring different art media. Let creativity flow in this process art class.

Tumbling for Fun
Bailey Horsch
Grades 1-8
Mondays / 3:15-4:00 / MPR

#102F (fall-Aug 30-Nov 29) $200
#102W (winter-Dec 6, 13; Jan 10, 24) $70
#102S (spring- Feb 7-May 9) $200

Has your student always wanted to learn how to tumble for fun?  Do they have endless energy and like to climb and flip on everything?  Maybe they are cheering for their school or city team and want to improve their skills?  This class is for them.  The sole focus is to improve tumbling skills with the best knowledge and techniques to reduce the risk of injury.  Designed for both beginners and intermediate levels, we will be working on cartwheels, handstands, walkovers, and handsprings along with numerous body position techniques.  Participants will be split into groups based on skill level to help them progress the best way possible.  Students will benefit from being coached by athletes who have been tumbling and competing in gymnastics since a young age.  Email with questions.

Wee Write
Kristin Freed
Grades Great Beginnings-PreSchool
Wednesdays / 11:30-12:15 / EC 2

#117F (fall-Sep 1-Dec 15)  $415 FULL
#117S (spring-Wednesdays, Jan 5-May 18)  $475

#120S (spring-Thursdays, Jan 6-May 19)  $475

Did you know that expecting young children to attempt using a writing tool before laying an appropriate foundation can actually create bad habits- or ineffective grasp and movements? Using a writing tool is one of the most complex skills children will learn to do. We need to be careful that we aren’t expecting them to do too much too soon. Students in this class will have fun developing their sensory, visual-motor, gross motor, attention, and fine motor skills to ensure a solid foundation for eventually learning to print. Weekly activities will be presented and shared with parents and caregivers so that ongoing practice with these appropriate activities can occur. Students will learn finger plays, activities to promote eye-hand coordination, and some basic tool use that will promote the development of prewriting skills. Kristin Freed, Occupational Therapist keeps the class size at 6 in order to provide individualized instruction to facilitate each student’s development regardless of their ability. She has over 20 years experience working with young children and has proven success helping students be successful learning to write through her Write Stuff classes.

The Write Stuff
Kristin Freed
Grades preSchool-2
Days & Times by grade (see below) / EC 2

#114F (fall-Aug 31-Dec 14) grades preSchool-PreK AM- Tuesdays, 11:30-12:15*   $415
#115F (fall-Aug 31-Dec 14) PreK-K PM- Tuesdays, 3:30-4:15   $415 FULL
#116F (fall-Sep 2-Dec 16) grades 1-2- Thursdays, 3:15-4:00 $415

#114S (spring-Jan 4-May 17) grades preSchool-PreK AM- Tuesdays, 11:30-12:15*
#115S (spring-Jan 4-May 17) PreK-K PM- Tuesdays, 3:30-4:15   $475
#116S (spring-Jan 6-May 19) grades 1-2- Thursdays, 3:15-4:00 $450

Is your child struggling to learn how to print?  Are they reluctant to complete written work?  Whether your child is struggling or not, learning to print is a very complex skill.  This class will provide all of the foundational skills necessary to be able to learn to print effectively and efficiently all while having FUN!  Kristin Freed, Licensed Occupational Therapist will assess your student's use of a writing tool and then provide a multitude of activities to improve the grasp, general stability, tactile discrimination, visual-motor coordination, and visual-perceptual skills for more successful writing tool use.

*NOTE: Early Childhood students enrolled in full-day academic classes are not allowed to leave to attend CEA classes which operate during normal academic hours.

Days and Locations by grade (see below)

Younger Yogis Yoga, Grades PreSchool-K
Masumeh Zarei
Tuesdays | 3:25-4:10 | EC 11

#118W (winter-Dec 7-Jan 25) $125
#118S (spring-Feb 1-May 3)  $250

Young Yogis Yoga, Grades 1-4
Amanda Leger
Mondays | 3:45-4:30 | LS 101

#119W (winter-Dec 6-Jan 31)  $125 Canceled
#119S (spring-Feb 7-May 9)  $250

In this hurry-up world, yoga gives our children time to practice focus and impulse control. Through yoga, they will improve body awareness and develop discipline, strength and flexibility. Partner and group yoga poses additionally impart mindfulness of and respect for others. Bring your mat and join in for some fun songs, games, and asanas!