You’ve probably heard that opinion expressed before. That idea has most notably been attributed to Benjamin Franklin, but variations on that theme have been shared by many individuals throughout history, including Bill Gates, Buzz Aldrin, Ben Bernanke, and Teach for America founder Wendy Kopp, to name a few.

Today nearly 25% of our families benefit from Indexed Tuition, or need-based assistance to make a Collegiate education more accessible to families in our community.


Over the years many WCS parents and students have told us that investing in a Collegiate education has paid big dividends for their families, often describing it as life-altering.

While many would agree that education is a great investment and pays off in the long run, we know that many families don’t consider enrolling in WCS thinking that the tuition will be out of their reach. Since its beginning in 1963, qualified, motivated students have been encouraged to apply to Wichita Collegiate regardless of financial need. WCS has had a history of offering need-based assistance to help make a Collegiate education more accessible to families in the community. Today, this program is called Indexed Tuition, and it benefits approximately 25% of our students in full-day programs.


More information about Indexed Tuition, the Malone Scholars Program, and other ways that might help families fit a WCS education into their budgets can be found on the links above. As always, we encourage families to call the Enrollment Office (771-2203) with any questions.