The Wichita community offers many excellent educational options for children.  Consider Why Collegiate is an outstanding choice for your family.

WCS Strategic Plan  PDF


WCS offers a rigorous college preparatory environment where academics come first.  Daily after school tutorials are a hallmark of the Middle and Upper School schedules. Our Upper School curriculum offers more Advance Placement classes than any other school in the region.


The culture at WCS is one of caring and respect.  Helping others begins in the classroom with our youngest students and continues through high school as our students reach out into the community. Our students learn this not because hours are required, but because our students love giving back to their community.


No other school in Wichita can offer the personalized, one-on-one college counseling that WCS does, with a ratio of 1:30-40 during the application season.  Our two full-time college counselors provide a high level of professionalism and personal attention as they assist our students in enrolling in the college of their choice. Learn more about our:College Counseling Department


Each WCS division has counselors and tutors dedicated to working with students with Learning Differences and accommodating their requirements.  Our personalized approach means success in the classroom for every student, detailed in our Statement of Learning Accommodations.  Learn more about our approach to:Learning Differences


WCS was the first school in the Wichita-area to initiate a 1:1 laptop program with all students in grades 1 through 12 issued their own age-appropriate device.  Technology is effectively used throughout all grade levels and classrooms, ensuring that our students are digitally literate citizens of an ever-changing world as well as interpersonally proficient.

With an emphasis to create students fluent in Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math (STEAM), WCS is leading the way with dedicated innovation spaces in the Middle and Upper Schools.  These technology labs will ensure we are challenging our students to be the kind of critical thinkers needed to thrive in today’s global economy. Learn more about our:Innovation Labs