Our Student Portrait: What is a Spartan?

Clare Vanderpool, Class of 1983
Newberry Award-Winning Author of Moon Over Manifest

We were encouraged at Collegiate to explore many different learning opportunities within a supportive environment where it was safe to take risks and engage in activities and experiences outside of our comfort zones. There was a spirit of jump in and try it!


Dr. Alex Sappok, Class of 2000
Founder of Automotive Tech Company FST

Collegiate’s rigorous academics pushed me to develop a strong work ethic and an endless curiosity to never stop learning. Balancing the demands of the classroom with a host of activities on and off the athletic field provided a well-rounded foundation, which continues to serve me well to this day.


Jenni Morse, Class of 1997
Assistant District Attorney of Dallas County

The idea of earning respect and deserving success was ingrained in us at Collegiate. We knew that we had to prove ourselves to the faculty and to each other while we were at WCS. Probe Te Dignum! For me, that was a great motivator to keep up and thrive.


Jaques Williams, Class of 2015
Columbia University School of Medicine, Class of 2023

Collegiate provided everything I needed to gain confidence in myself, discover my passion, and then pursue my dream. I was challenged in the classroom, on the field, and on stage by compassionate faculty who genuinely wanted me to succeed.


Dr. Kristen Marhaver, Class of 2000
Coral Reef Biologist and TED Senior Fellow

I’m thankful that WCS created an environment where every student was encouraged and expected to excel in her pursuits, whatever they were. I still think about the motto ‘Proba Te Dignum’ (Prove Yourself Worthy) surprisingly often!


Dr. Christian Hourani, Class of 2002
Cardiologist at Cardiovascular Consultants of Kansas

Among so many positive experiences and lessons from my days at WCS, I feel that the most powerful life lessons learned were to set high expectations for oneself and the realization that high achievement can only come from striving for sustained excellence.


Heidi Holton, Class of 2011
Middle School Counselor at Wichita Collegiate School

One of my favorite things as a student at WCS was the intentionality of the teachers. I just loved how they cared for me as a person. Time in tutorials, checking in about my sporting events, asking about my personal life—all of these things teachers don’t necessarily “have to do,” but they do because they care. 


Dr. Rob Ramseyer, Class of 2002
Athletic Director at Friends University

The expectation of excellence and achievement at Collegiate encouraged me that I could do anything and do it really well. As students, we heard the message: You are going to achieve. You will do well. You can do this, and you can do this at a very high level. 


R.C. Buford, Class of 1978
CEO of the San Antonio Spurs

Collegiate provided such a positive, supportive, and encouraging environment for student athletes. My time at Collegiate allowed me to build a love for the game and a love for being a part of something big.


Every one of us is different...together we are Spartans.

  • I am resilient.

  • We are determined.

  • I am constantly learning.

  • We explore new ideas.

  • I am creative.

  • We are open to change.

  • I am solving problems.

  • We experiment, fail, and try again.

  • I am compassionate.

  • We are inclusive.

  • I care about my community.

  • We lean on and support each other.

  • I am uniquely talented.

  • We challenge each other to be better.

We are proudly united as Spartans!