CEA Calendar

CEA classes follow the WCS calendar and observe the same holiday and conference schedule. CEA fall and spring semesters encompass 12 weeks of lessons/classes. The winter session covers the six-week inter-semester period. Some classes operate on a modified schedule, so check this calendar or ask the instructor if you have any questions. Missed sessions may require additional time to be made up.

Sep 10-14 (M-F) CEA Fall classes begin

Sep 17 (Mon) Professional Development Day (no classes)

Nov 1-2 (Thu-Fri) Parent Conferences, EC-US (no classes)

Nov 21-23 (Wed-Fri) Thanksgiving Break (no classes)

Dec 3-7 (Mon-Fri) CEA Fall classes end

Dec 8 (Sat) CEA Fall Recital

Dec 10-14 (Mon-Fri) CEA Winter classes begin

Dec 20-Jan 2 (Thu-Wed) Holiday Break (no classes)

Jan 21 (Mon) Dr. Martin Luther King Day (no classes)

Jan 28-29 (Mon-Tue) CEA Winter Mon-Tue classes end

Feb 4-5 (Mon-Tue) Parent Conferences (no classes)

Feb 6-8 (Wed-Fri) CEA Winter Wed-Fri classes end

Feb 11-15 (Mon-Fr) CEA Spring classes begin

Mar 11-15 (Mon-Fri) Spring Break (no classes)

Apr 18 (Thu) Professional Development Day (no classes)

Apr 19 (Fri) Good Friday (no classes)

May 6-10 (Mon-Fri) CEA Spring classes end

May 11 (Sat) CEA Spring Recital