Wichita Collegiate students excel on and off the field. Collegiate athletic events are great opportunities for the whole community to come out and cheer for the students. There is a strong tradition for even the youngest students to cheer on their Upper School teams. Multiple school sports are offered, starting in the Middle School.

  • Intramural for 5th/6th grade: golf, volleyball, basketball, tennis
  • 6th/7th/8th grade: basketball, cross country, track & field, cheer, volleyball, tennis
  • 7th/8th grade: football
  • Boys' sports: football, basketball, baseball, bowling, swimming, cross country, track & field, tennis, target shooting, and golf.
  • Girls' sports: Basketball, soccer, bowling, swimming, volleyball, cross country, track & field, tennis, golf, cheer, target shooting and dance team.

WCS values the role that athletics plays in a student’s life, as it provides many benefits.  At Collegiate, academics come first to ensure the proper balance between school work and athletics.  No practice begins before 4 pm so that all student-athletes can attend after-school tutorials.  We pride ourselves on an academics-first approach, while at the same time producing champions on the courts and fields!