Co-Curricular Activities

Middle School students have numerous opportunities for extra-curricular involvement, from school sports to academic teams and more. Athletics provide a good opportunity to learn the value of competition, teamwork and good sportsmanship.


Students are coached by an exceptional group of coached who help students develop skills as athletes and as students of good character. Academics and tutorials always come before athletics. Sports include football, basketball, volleyball, cross country, tennis, track, cheerleading, and intramural golf, tennis, volleyball and basketball. Collegiate also fields academic teams in MathCounts, Scholar’s Bowl, and Robotics. Students also compete in regional and state level geography and spelling bees. Academic teams are recognized in the same ways as sports teams and 7th and 8th musical.  A 5th/6th grade play, and 7th and 8th grade play grade musical are available for the students who have a flair for drama and music.

Collegiate Enrichment Academy offers a wide range of excellent extra-curricular experiences on campus for our middle school children outside of the school day. These typically run for one semester at a time, one session per week.  Some of the offerings include: dance, karate, art, cheerleading, robotics and music lessons.