Academic Program

The Middle School Academic Program incorporates a hands-on, multi-sensory approach to learning. Middle School students are active learners and our teachers use a variety of approaches to keep them engaged. Science courses are centered around laboratories, simulations, projects, and other hands-on experiences. In History, Foreign Language and English, students debate, reenact trials, present as a variety of characters, write research papers, create videos and otherwise engage their creativity and communication skills to become competent communicators. Math classes focus on problem solving and students enhance their learning through games, project-based assignments and technology.

Middle School is a one-to-one computing environment.  5th graders are assigned their own personal iPad with keyboard, and sixth through eight graders are issued Microsoft Surface Pros.  Technology serves an important purpose to help students connect with their world, stay organized, collaborate with others both at home and abroad and learn more effectively in the classroom.  Middle Schoolers also have access to a state-of-the art Innovation Lab where they put engineering and design skills to practice.  All Middle School students are introduced to computer programming as part of our curriculum.  The 8th grade class focuses solely on programming.


Middle School students have a wide range of enhancement choices in the Fine Arts taught by experienced teachers who are professionals in their fields of vocal music, instrumental music, art and drama. Our bands and choral groups consistently earn top rankings in local and regional competitions.

Community service is an important part of the culture at Wichita Collegiate School.  The Leadership in Action class is offered for 7th and 8th graders who want to be more focused on serving the community.  Students volunteer with community organizations such as Special Olympics, Boys and Girls Club, Envision, and homeless shelters.  Many projects are student directed, and many students volunteer hundreds of hours over the course of a semester.


Our challenging curriculum requires us to only hire teachers who know their subjects in depth and know how to connect with very bright students. Teachers assign many open-ended assignments that challenge gifted students. Advanced mathematics students have the opportunity to accelerate in math to the level that meets their need. Bright students are recognized and respected by their peers.

For students with learning differences, classroom and testing accommodations are provided to meet individual needs. A full-time counselor is available to coordinate accommodations and ensure that students are supported. Advisors work with students on organizational, time management and social skills. Learning Lab is also available during the school day by teachers who know our curriculum, and select outside tutors are also available if needed.

Character building is interwoven through all that we do from assemblies, advising, our character and leadership curriculum and Monday messages. Students learn important lessons from coaches and teachers on courts and fields, stages and concert halls. Through their experiences in and out of the classroom our goal is for students to leave Middle School with a growing sense of their gifts and talents, comfortable to present in public, fluent in expressing their ideas in writing, gritty problem solvers, enthusiastic learners, committed to building and maintaining a caring community with their classmates.