Enhancements and Co-Curriculars

Our enhancement classes provide additional instruction and opportunities for exploration in a variety of subjects. In addition to our homeroom teachers, the Lower School faculty include teachers who specialize in science, Spanish, music, physical education, computer, and art.


Our science lab is an exceptional place taught by a dedicated science teacher. Students learn how to question, investigate, test, and create. Through a completely hands-on curriculum, students apply scientific understanding to everyday life.

Students are also exposed to world languages throughout their Lower School years. In grades 1-4, students study the Spanish language and the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries. Their exposure to Spanish continues through 6th grade. This early exposure to a new language activates the language center of the brain and primes students for more in-depth study in later years.

Music is also an integral element of the Collegiate education. In Lower School, students learn to read, write, and explore music in new ways. They learn to sing in parts and even participate in a full musical production during their 4th grade year.

Physical education is an important way for students to learn about maintaining a healthy lifestyle while improving fine and gross motor skills. Our program goes beyond playing games to create an environment where children are willing to try new things and challenge themselves physically and mentally.

With our technology-oriented world, we recognize the need for students to be good digital citizens as well as have an understanding of how technology can work for them. Our computer class introduces students to internet safety, digital citizenship, and basic office programs as well as various iPad apps and educational tools. Students begin keyboarding skills early and most are very proficient typists by the time they reach Middle School. Although technology is important, we also continue to teach cursive handwriting. This skill is introduced in the 3rd grade and practiced through 4th grade.

The Lower School counselor meets with each class twice a month to share lessons on friendship building, problem solving, conflict resolution, and many other topics. Our students learn to respect themselves and each other through modeling, practice, and high expectations from teachers.

Opportunities for extra-curricular involvement are plentiful in the Lower School.  Collegiate Enrichment Academy offers a wide range of excellent extra-curricular experiences on campus for our young children outside of the school day. These typically run for one semester at a time, one session per week.  Some of the offerings include: dance, karate, soccer, basketball, art, drama, cheerleading, robotics, music, and Spanish classes.  More information about the Collegiate Enrichment Academy is available here.