Early Childhood Tuition Schedule

Partial-Day Programs (age 2-kindergarten)

Great Beginnings* Deposit 9 Payments
2 day, half-day AM $283.50 $283.50
3 day, half-day AM $408.50 $408.50

*Tuition includes snack program.

Program* Deposit 1 Payment 10 Payments
Preschool, 2 day half-day AM $250.00 $3,618.45 $365.50
Preschool, 2 day half-day PM $250.00 $2,786.85 $281.50
Preschool, 3 day half-day AM $250.00 $5,197,50 $525.00
Preschool, 3 day half-day PM $250.00 $3,796.65 $383.50
Preschool, 5 day half-day AM $250.00 $6,900.30 $697.00
Preschool, 5 day half-day PM $250.00 $6,078.60 $614.00
Kindergarten, 5 day half-day AM $250.00 $7,464.60 $754.00

*Tuition includes snack program.

Full-Day Programs (preschool and kindergarten)

Program* Deposit 1 Payment 10 Payments
Preschool, full-day $500.00 $10,692.00 $1,080.00
Kindergarten, full-day $500.00 $12,949.20 $1,308.00

*Tuition includes snack and lunch program.

Program Indexed Tuition Range*
Preschool, full-day $7,220 - $11,300
Kindergarten, full-day $7,800 - $13,580

*Indexed Tuition is flexible tuition pricing based on a family's specific financial situation. Find out more about our Indexed Tuition program.

Additional Information

In addition to the carefully structured curriculum provided in the programs listed above, Wichita Collegiate offers before- and after-school care called Kids Club, a group experience during which students will spend time with their friends in activities according to their interests. Beginning at 7:15 a.m., Kids Club is free of charge. Following dismissal of our full-day programs at 3:15 p.m., families that utilize Kids Club are charged an hourly rate of $4.20. 

In addition to Kids Club, Wichita Collegiate hosts a variety of enrichment activities, including piano, dance, karate, and art, through our Collegiate Enrichment Academy. To extend the day for our partial-day programs, we also offer Lunch Bunch. Please contact the Early Childhood Office at (316) 771-2247 to find out more about this program.