Wichita Collegiate Early Childhood is a developmentally responsive learning environment for children ages two through Kindergarten. Our philosophy is to provide an environment where happy children and loving teachers share the joy of learning. We believe that childhood is sacred, that children are worthy of our attention and that providing children with a supportive and nurturing childhood is our greatest responsibility and treasure. Keeping class sizes and teacher ratios small is important to us:

  • Two and three year-old classes have up to 10 children per class
  • Four and five year-olds in PreK enroll up to 12 children per class
  • Montessori Primary has a mixed age group of 3-5 year-olds and enrolls up to 24 children per class with 2 fully certified Montessori teachers and an assistant teacher.
  • Kindergarten enrolls up to 16 children per class.

WCS recognizes the unique opportunity children have during the early years to establish a solid foundation for future learning. Early childhood is a window of time when the brain is most receptive to language acquisition, memory development and the organization of cognitive processes. Our teachers are highly experienced and educated to teach and enjoy the age of children they work with. The needs of the individual child take priority over teacher goals or curriculum plans. Teachers are “tuned into” the wellness of the whole child and will focus instruction and attention to individual needs as they present themselves. They each plan meaningful learning experiences, effectively manage children in a group setting, understand and assess the needs of each child and inspire children to become lifelong learners. We invite you to visit and explore our wonderful Early Childhood program.