Wichita Collegiate School values and appreciates EVERY gift we receive for its impact on current and future students, faculty, and staff. We are fortunate to have such a loyal and generous community!

You may be interested not only in giving today but giving to Collegiate well into the future, and there are ways to do so through "planned giving." Make a planned gift today and become a member of the Proba Te Dignum Society!

Join the Proba Te Dignum Society and leave a legacy gift to the school in one of these three ways:

  1. Name Wichita Collegiate School as a beneficiary in your will or name the school as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy to be distributed upon your death.
  2. Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) - This gift is known as a life income gift and is the simplest, most affordable and most popular giving vehicle. A CGA provides financial security for you or someone you love while enabling you to make a significant gift that will empower future Collegiate students, faculty and our campus. 
  3. Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) - This gift is a powerful and flexible tool that gives you income while often providing a great tax savings. You may have multiple beneficiaries and use a variety of assets to fund the trust. Income for the trust can be for life or for a predetermined span of time. The trust can also be created to allow you to make additional gifts to it during your lifetime.

Both the CGA and the CRT allow you to make a gift to Collegiate while retaining an income for you and/or other beneficiaries for a term of years or for life. When there are no remaining beneficiaries, the balance of the fund passes to Collegiate for the purposes you specified when the gift was established.

For more information about any type of gift you may be contemplating in your estate planning, please call Joan Moore in the Advancement Office at (316) 771-2252 or send an e-mail to