Spartans at Home

Spartans at Home

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Distance Learning Philosophy

Wichita Collegiate School’s approach to distance learning is centered on the belief that we should think differently about our priorities when responding to challenging circumstances, and we should embrace new opportunities for students to learn in authentic, meaningful ways. We use the term distance learning deliberately and in lieu of technology-specific terms such as “e-learning” or “online courses” to reflect our conviction that quality learning can occur at a distance without solely relying on computers. Our approach to distance learning seeks, to the greatest extent possible, to ensure that students maintain connections with each other and with their teachers as well as engage in authentic learning experiences across all disciplines. Although distance learning will never replace the direct contact students have with their teachers and peers as members of a caring, inclusive campus community, it will allow students to continue to progress in their studies and to nurture relationships with friends and trusted adults.


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    If you are able to do so, please support these businesses owned by Collegiate families. Whether ordering curbside pick-up or purchasing gift cards, any support you can provide would be appreciated at this time!