Spartan Golf Classic

 Please join us FORE the 20th Annual WCS Golf Classic on Friday, August 23, 2019 at the Crestview Country Club.  The course opens at 7:30 a.m. and the tournament begins at 9:00 am. 

Breakfast, snacks, beverages, and lunch will be included with your registration fee along with an entry gift.  

Many levels of sponsorship are available.  For more information email Lisa Schooler at

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Don't miss this day of fun and comradery!

Winners - Alumni - 2018 WCS Golf Classic


Homecoming 2019 will be on Friday, September 27, 2019.

The WCS Alumni Homecoming BBQ will begin at 5:30 p.m. under the large white tent on the south end of the football field.  Please join us for hamburgers and hot dogs and cheer on the Spartans.  

We love having all our WCS Alumni back on campus!

Mentor Program



2019 marked the 30th year for the WCS Mentor Program, one of Collegiate's favorite and most impactful traditions. Under the guidance of Lisa Schooler, the WCS Alumni Board ensured
that each member of the senior class was paired with a local professional in their field of
The program kicked off on February 20, with Justin Elkouri ’01 addressing an upper school
assembly. After graduating from Collegiate, Justin received undergraduate and law degrees
from the University of Kansas. He began his career as Vice President for Texas Premier
Resources, LLC, and then as an associate attorney with Porter Hedges LLP, both based in
Houston, Texas. Justin then returned to Wichita, and serves as the Business Development and
Legal Advisor for David Murfin and Murfin, Inc. At Murfin, Inc., he has been involved in
businesses and transactions around the world.
Justin encouraged the students to take advantage of opportunities while “young and free,”
before life becomes more complicated. He reminded the students that their parents, teachers,
and coaches are available every day as “captive mentors,” and stressed the importance of
seeking their counsel and thanking them for their support and guidance. Remembering his
time at WCS, Justin shared a favorite quote from Coach Fiegel: “It’s good to have an end to
journey toward, but it’s the journey that matters in the end.” Using his own academic and
professional careers as examples, Justin told the students to be willing to venture outside their
comfort zone when the right situation presents itself. He emphasized that while it is good to
have a plan in place, it is also important to remain flexible if circumstances change.
The annual mentor breakfast was held the following morning at Wichita Country Club. This
year’s keynote speaker was Dr. Kristen Marhaver ’00. After completing her undergraduate
studies at Georgia Tech, where she studied Applied Biology, Kristen joined the Ph.D. program in
Marine Biodiversity and Conservation at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, conducting
research on coral reproduction and ecology. Following a year in Northern California at
University of California Merced, Kristen moved to the island of Curacao, where she runs a
research lab focused on developing tools and breakthroughs for coral reef restoration.
In her remarks, Kristen noted that upon starting college, she quickly discovered one major
advantage that her Collegiate education had given her over many of her classmates: the ability
to study effectively and efficiently. As she discussed her career, Kristen gave the students a
real-world view by speaking of not only the many highlights and happy moments she has
experienced, but also the moments of doubt and worry. She explained that the peaks help
sustain her through the temporary valleys, and discussed the importance of surrounding
oneself with a strong “tribe” of friends and mentors who will always be there to advocate on
your behalf and offer their support. Kristen also provided a tangible example of how her
experience as an athlete at Collegiate has helped her at key moments in her career. As one of only 10 out of 110 applicants selected to interview for four fellowship positions while applying
for the Ph.D. program at Scripps, Kristen was understandably anxious as she waited to speak to
a room of luminaries in the field of coral reef restoration. The sensation was identical to how
she felt standing at the starting line of the 100 meter hurdles, and Kristen instinctively relied on
her old track technique to settle her nerves: she imagined gathering up all the anxiety,
smushing it into a tiny ball, and told herself , “This is gonna rock." Kristen explained that while
the hands-on experience and professional relationships she had formed in college were helpful,
her experience performing under pressure on the track played a crucial role in allowing her to
succeed in such a stressful environment. She has used the same technique numerous times
since, including before her first TED Talk.
As always, the Mentor Program afforded the seniors an opportunity to shadow their mentors at
work, giving them an up-close, “day-in-the-life” view of what they could expect to experience in
their chosen field. As in previous years, the feedback from the students was overwhelmingly

Thank you to our speakers and mentors, and best wishes,