Admissions FAQ

Q. What is the deadline for applying?

A. WCS has rolling admission, meaning that we accept applications until a particular class is full. In general, the best time to apply is in January, but we are usually enrolling students in some classes through early summer.

Q. What are the admission requirements?

A. Early Childhood (age 2 through kindergarten): Application and behavioral/developmental assessment with the Head of Early Childhood.

Grades 1 and above: Application, completed teacher evaluation form, grade cards or transcript, and results of standardized testing. In grades 1-12, successful applicants should score at or above 100 (average) on an aptitude test, and at or above the grade level for which they are applying on achievement tests in reading comprehension and math.

Q. Will my child need to take an admission test?

A. We do use results of standardized tests as one part of the admission process. We are happy to look at results of previous testing, and then determine if any additional assessment would be helpful.

Q. How are admission decisions made?

A. Our goal is to make the application and admission process as comfortable as possible. We look at many factors in our effort to determine if WCS will be a good fit for the applicant, including grade cards and transcripts, results from recent standardized testing, information on the confidential teacher evaluation form, and observations during the student's visit to the school.

Q. How soon after applying will we receive an admission decision?

A. As soon as we have all of the necessary application documents (the application form, copy of grade cards or a transcript, standardized test scores, and a completed teacher evaluation form), our admission office can get a decision for you very quickly. Our Early Childhood Head can usually make a decision after doing the admission evaluations for preschool and kindergarten.

Q. What if I have multiple children? Can they all be admitted?

A. We understand a family's desire to have all of their children in the same school. We will do our best to keep families together if all of the children are qualified candidates and if there is space in the classrooms.

Q. What if a class is full when I apply?

A. In cases when classes are full, we start a wait pool of applicants. There are times when families move and a space opens up and we have the opportunity to admit a qualified student from the wait pool.

Q.  Should I apply for Admission or for Indexed Tuition first?
A.   Families may do either, but waiting to apply for admission until Indexed Tuition has been determined risks not having a spot reserved in classes that tend to fill quickly, particularly preschool and kindergarten.  

Becky O’Hearn, Head of Early Childhood, fills available seats with qualified applicants based upon the date of the application form. Submitting your admission application early ensures that Mrs. O’Hearn knows of your interest and can schedule an evaluation at the appropriate time. 

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please call Kathy Rukes at (316) 771-2203, or e-mail her at We look forward to hearing from you!