Wichita Collegiate School has welcomed qualified students from other countries since 1996. We enjoy having a diverse student body at WCS, and having students from other cultures is just one aspect of that. International students may begin their studies at WCS as early as Lower School.

Why should international students consider Wichita Collegiate School? Read more here.

Applicants from China

WCS partners with The Cambridge Institute of International Education for applicants from China. The Cambridge Institute handles all inquiries and applicants for students from China, including those who may already be studying at other schools here in the United States.

WCS also partners with The Cambridge Institute for services such as host families and ESL instruction on our campus. GPHomestay identifies and arranges for host families for our students from China.  

Interested applicants from China should visit The Cambridge Institute website or email

Cambridge Partnership Agency Certificate | PDF

Cambridge Institute Profile of Wichita Collegiate School | PDF

Applicants from Korea

Many of our applicants from Korea come to us through the MEDICI educational agency. Interested applicants from Korea should visit:

International Applicants (other than from China or Korea)

To be considered for admission to WCS, international students must:

  • Submit a completed applicationapplicant questionnaire, and a translated copy of their transcript.
  • Have sufficient fluency in the English language to learn from regular WCS instruction and to complete our academic requirements. Proficiency with the English language must be demonstrated by submitting results from a recent SELP, SLEP, or TOEFL examination. Applicants who appear to meet the academic requirements will also be interviewed via Skype by the Director of Admission and the Head of the division in which they would be enrolled.
  • Submit a letter of recommendation or the Confidential Teacher Evaluation which has been completed by a teacher or the principal of the applicant's current school.
  • As required by the U.S. government, applicants must show evidence of ability to pay the tuition and incidental expenses while enrolled at WCS. A letter from the family's bank confirming ability to pay or a copy of a recent bank statement will be acceptable documentation. Tuition must be paid in advance by the semester or by the year.

WCS is not a boarding school, and while we will try our best to find an appropriate host family, we cannot guarantee the availability of a host family. We urge applicants with ties to the Wichita area to make housing arrangements with a relative or friend of the family living in Wichita.

Once the above requirements have been satisfactorily met, an admission decision will be made. If the student is admitted, WCS will issue an I20 which the student may submit to the nearest American Consulate or Embassy with an application for a student visa. Students successfully completing a year at WCS will be invited to re-enroll.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Susie Steed, Director of Admission, at