The student body at WCS includes many students with learning differences. Each division includes staff members that specifically focus on working 1:1 with our learning different students, and our teachers are trained in ways to help these students be successful in our curriculum.

When a student has been identified with a learning difference, we create an individual learning plan with targeted accommodations. Examples of accommodations include use of a calculator, providing a reader or recording for quizzes and exams, use of a scribe, oral testing, extended time on tests, testing in a quiet room, and allowing students to use books on tape. WCS also has a fee-based Learning Lab program on campus providing private tutors that meet during school hours to help students achieve academic success. They help with specific skill building as in Alphabetic Phonics and provide classroom support for homework preparation, study skills and strategies, and exam preparation. Classroom teachers are trained and have knowledge in providing accommodations and working with a variety of learning differences. Classroom teachers and enhancement teachers follow the Individual Learning Plans and evaluate the progress of each student throughout the school year.

We have had such amazing success with our 2 children in the program. Our teachers’ and tutor’s attention to detail is phenomenal and have left no stone unturned when it comes to our children’s accommodations, learning plans, tutoring sessions and after school tutorials. We are so very grateful to Collegiate for offering this assistance to learning different children!

A WCS Lower School parent

Learn more about Wichita Collegiate School's commitment to supporting learning differences in our Statement of Learning Accommodations