Wichita Collegiate School’s academic approach and curriculum from Preschool through Grade 12 was designed by experienced educators. Our program depends on careful sequencing, avoids unnecessary duplication, and ensures a broad coverage of traditional subjects. Students at each level are fully prepared for the next level, ensuring a well-rounded student who is able to discover hidden aptitudes and passions.

Early Childhood

In Early Childhood (age 2 through Kindergarten) we provide a safe and nurturing learning environment that inspires children to explore, discover, and create. Students are guided by experienced teachers individually and in small groups within a meaningful, integrated curriculum. The foundational curriculum of literacy, math, science, cultural studies, handwriting, art, Spanish and French is enhanced with specialized instructors in physical education, music and library. We offer traditional and Montessori programs. Visit the Early Childhood page to learn more.

Lower School

The Lower School (Grades One through Four) is staffed with experienced, supportive teachers who help our students to love learning. Each day is filled with activities that help build a foundation for academic and social achievement. Low student-to-teacher ratios help create an environment of individualized instruction fostering self-expression, encouraging problem-solving and teaching life-long study skills. Visit the Lower School page to learn more.

Middle School

Middle School at Collegiate (Grades Five through Eight) provides an accelerated academic curriculum where students learn to be passionate innovators and to think critically about their world through a rich, hands-on approach to learning. In all grades students read novels, plays, and poetry. They write, research, and create projects. Math work focuses on problem solving. Latin is introduced at the 7th and 8th grade levels. Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum, where each student is provided with their own tablet laptop that enables them to take advantage of creative ways to learn, while also becoming digitally literate and responsible citizens. Visit our Middle School page to learn more.

Upper School

Upper School (Grades Nine through Twelve) provides a multi-dimensional college preparatory education. With every lesson, every assignment, and every class, our goal is to prepare students for more than just the next grade; we strive to prepare them for life in the global world and in the conceptual age. Visit the Upper School page to learn more.