FAQs About Giving

Q. Why does Collegiate ask for gifts in addition to tuition?

A. Tuition covers the day-to-day operational costs of the school, including salaries and benefits, instructional expenses, and facility maintenance. Like most independent schools across the nation, Collegiate works hard to keep tuition costs reasonable while relying on the Collegiate Annual Fund Effort (CAFE) and other parent groups, endowment income, and revenues from summer programs to support those items and projects not included in the operational budget but deemed essential by Administration for the future success of WCS (i.e.: campus security updates, Early Childhood Outdoor PlaySpace, Lammers Innvoation Lab, Upper School Alumni Association Innovation Lab, and the creation of a Learning Difference Fund).  Learn about the Collegiate Annual Fund Effort (CAFE) under "Ways of Giving to WCS."

Q. How are the Collegiate Annual Fund Effort (CAFE) gifts used?

A. All gifts to the Collegiate Annual Fund Effort (CAFE) are used for projects within the scope chosen by the Board of Trustees and Administration for that year. No matter the size, gifts to the CAFE have a lasting impact. Support designated for the CAFE ensures a quality education for future generations. Your contribution today could be the catalyst for a student’s contribution to the world tomorrow.

Q. Why is my participation important?

A. Strong participation lets others know that our donors believe in our mission. The percentage rate of participation also serves as a positive indicator of the strength of and commitment to the future of WCS, which is beneficial when applying to foundations and corporations for grant monies.

Q. How and when can I give?

A. All gifts are tax-deductible and may be given in the form of cash, check, credit cards, gift-in-kind, or stock. Donors may choose to divide their gift into monthly installments via a credit card or to make a one-time payment. We welcome pledges and gifts at any time. The Collegiate Annual Fund Effort (CAFE) raises monnies on our fiscal year, June 1 to May 31. Don’t forget to inquire about possible matching gift programs offered through your employer. 

Q.  Whom can I contact if I have a question about my giving, need a duplicate receipt, or to see if I have made my pledge?

A. You can contact Susan Klingenberg, Advancement Office Administrative Assistant and Database Manager, at 316-771-2314 or sklingenberg@wcsks.com