Affording WCS

Financial need should never discourage students from applying to Collegiate. WCS has a long history of providing need-based tuition assistance awards for full-day students beginning in preschool. In fact, nearly 20% of students in full-day preschool through Grade 12 receive tuition assistance.

Tuition awards at Wichita Collegiate School are:

  • granted on the basis of financial need,
  • available to students in full-day preschool through Grade 12,
  • dependent upon fiscal resources available to Collegiate at the time of application for tuition assistance, and
  • determined by many variables, such as family income, size of family, and number of children in schools that charge tuition.

The maximum award possible is approximately 75% of tuition for Upper School, 65% for Middle School, and 55% for Lower School, 45% for full-day kindergarten, and 35% for full-day preschool. If you are not sure whether you qualify for tuition assistance, we encourage you to apply; this is the only way to find out.

Be assured that all of the information you provide will be held in the strictest confidence. Because the pool of tuition assistance funds is limited, we encourage interested families to apply for admission and for tuition assistance at their earliest convenience.

To Apply for Tuition Assistance:

For tips on how to apply for a tuition award, please download and follow the steps on the link below.

Again, please know that your personal financial information is kept in the strictest confidence. If you have any questions or comments regarding Wichita Collegiate's tuition assistance program, please contact Susie Steed at (316) 771-2203.